What's YHA, tho?

What's YHA?

Young at Heart in Al-Anon, or YHA for short, is an annual convention committed to unifying young or young at heart Al-Anon members through experience, strength, and hope. There are no age restrictions. Everyone is welcome. YHA is centered around fellowship, fun, and a place to belong in recovery. We accomplish this through dedication to service and carrying the message to friends and families of alcoholics.

We are saving a seat for you!

It's pronounced "Why-HA," not "Yeehaw!"

What is YHA not?

YHA is not separate from Al-Anon. We are not Alateen, although we have some former Alateen members.

We are not the Wednesday Night Young People's meeting in Tarzana, although many of us go there.

See "Resources" to find the meeting details.

Are you official?

Yes! We are an official Southern California World Service Area (SCWS) Assembly-approved Al-Anon convention, and a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the state of California.

How can I stay updated on all things YHA?

How can I become a part of YHA?

If you are an Al-Anon (even if you are really new!), an Alateen or AA member contact us at youngatheartinalanon@gmail.com! We'll let you know how to join our next business meeting & are happy to answer all your questions.

Wanna take a commitment?

email us at youngatheartinalanon@gmail.com

Monthly Planning Meetings

4th Sunday of the Month

12pm PST

ZOOM:  812 3751 8760

PW: YHA2021

Spring Branches